WAHA Frequently Asked Questions

What are licence conditions?
One licence allows you to install WAHA on single web domain and use it unlimited times. You also will get free updates, manuals, email support (only for first year). You must purchase additional licences for other web domains.

Is WAHA suitable for newbies in online business?
We think WAHA CMS is ideal solution for start online business. We have collected all our experience of many years and the best affiliate programs in a single software product. We have been permanently improving and updating software and follow the development in SEO world. You can run your first WAHA web site in a few clicks.
At last WAHA gives practically unlimited possibilities. It is very flexible and customizable, and allows you to work with templates and create web sites for any purposes.

What is the purchase process?
We use Plimus as the payment gateway. All major credit/debit cards and PayPal are accepted. Immediately after payment you receive links for downloading of software and manuals, and also an account in WAHA member area, where you can generate licence file for your web domain.

Can I change licenced domain to another?
No, once generating your licence for web domain you can not change it for another web domain. Please be careful.

What hosting do I need to start WAHA?
You need hosting with PHP4 or above, MySQL server, mod_rewrite and IonCube Loader. For checking of presense of required libraries and modules you can use the test script.

What is IonCube Loader?
IonCube Loader is a free PHP extension that allows to run php scripts with licence. If IonCube Loader is not installed on your server, you should ask support service of your hoster to install it. If you use virtual dedicated servers (VDS) or dedicated servers you can install loader without assistance. We have a little "HOW TO" manual to help you.

Can I install WAHA into subfolder or subdomain and not into root directory of my web site?
Yes, you can install WAHA as into root directory of your web site as into any subdirectories within single domain. If your registered domain is in following list (.BIZ, .COM, .INFO, .NAME, .NET, .ORG, .PRO), you also can install software on any number of subdomains of the web domain.

I do not have a domain yet, can I buy the software now?
Yes, we do not require domain name when you purchase the licence. You will be able to enter it in the WAHA member area by oneself when you will be ready and download licence file for software activation.

Is it difficult to install WAHA on the server?
No, we have a utility for automatic installation of software on your server. You just need to know the information for ftp access to your hosting and MySQL database. We also have a very simple manual installation too. If you have questions you can always ask us for help!

Is PHP code encrypted?
Yes, core modules of WAHA are encrypted for security reasons. But you can integrate any of your own scripts directly into template of web site as well as managing the output data through Smarty modifiers. Now we are thinking over the variant of API implementation for WAHA and it is possible it will be released in the near future.

How many will I earn on one WAHA site?
We don't know. WAHA is just a handy tool for quick building of web sites. How many you earn depends of many factors namely your own experience in SEO, time commitment, your business model etc. But in any case, you must understand that good work = good results.

I heard that search engines impose penalties for duplicate content on web site. How to avoid this?
WAHA is fighting with duplicate content using three methods: content mashup from many sources, use only most recent content, automatic synonymizer. And let us give you some advice, do not just think about search engines but create high-quality and useful resources for visitors. This will be the most beneficial way.

Can I add my own articles on web site?
Yes, you can add your own content to any page of your web site. This will be a good starting point for building of a high-quality web site.

Should I engage in SEO and promotion of WAHA web sites?
It depends of what result you expect to receive. For the indexing of your web site by Google and get some traffic and sales it is sufficient to turn on automatic pinging. But if you want a lot of traffic and big results, you must work on linkbuilding and promotion of your web sites, for example, adding links to social networks or a link exchange.

Is it legal to use the automatically parsed content on my web sites?
Most content providers, that WAHA uses, entitle you to use their content on your web site and provide you with application programming interfaces (API) or Web services.
For articles and news you can use only a small part of the text that is sufficient for the citation and link to content source. Most people do not have anything against the use of such text.
But you must understand that WAHA only helps you find thematic content and it is up to you what content you will use on your site and under what conditions. WAHA has an easy-to-use feature for editing found content directly on the web site.

I know a good affiliate program, can you add it to WAHA?
We always welcome your suggestions. If a suggested affiliate program will be interesting to other users of the software, we can do this but it also depends on some technical reasons as well.

Can I sell sites made using WAHA?
You can sell or transfer your web site (i.e. domain name, content, revenue), but you can not sell or transfer the license for WAHA. In fact, this means that the buyer of your site must purchase his own WAHA license for the web domain before buying your site.

Why do you sell this software but you could earn money on your own sites?
Sure, we use our own developments too. But we want to create a webmasters community because it is easier to find the right solutions and progress methods together.

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